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If you are considering a donation only to help my family with medical expenses, then don’t.  We have food to eat, a home to live in, and we can figure out how to manage the rest.  There are families out there who are in much greater need of this type of charity than us.

However, if you feel that my work here has value, then I invite you to consider making a donation, large or small, to help me in my quest to raise public awareness regarding the prevention of cancer stemming from Hepatitis B — the type of cancer that I have.

You can learn more about this on my blog Entry#07: Hope.

A simple test and an inexpensive vaccine could have saved my life had I been aware of the information in time.

Although it is too late for me, I have dedicated the time that I have remaining to spread the word as much as I can so that others may not have to go through what my family is going through now.

Your donation will help fund these campaigns as well as help keep this blog online as I do not run any advertisements on this site.

I ask for your help in fulfilling this final wish of mine: to save as many families as I can from the heartache of a disease that has no reason to exist.  There are cancers that we cannot avoid, but mine is not one of them.

Your contribution will save lives.

I thank you kindly for your generosity and support.

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