Life with Cancer, Entry#15: Deep Freeze


We live in Texas.

The weatherman on the television set was nothing short of giddy last night as he stammered his way through his apocalyptic forecast for today:

“We will be expecting a subfreezing arctic blast through the entire southern portion of our region… temperatures will drop well into the lower twenties with snow certainly melting on contact of the still warm asphalt roads, creating deadly swaths of sleet on overpasses and highways by morning…”

I could hear my daughter giggle with joy on the other side of the couch at even the slightest prospect of a snow day home from school… especially so soon after her two week long winter break.

Well.  Morning came.

I was standing outside in my pajama bottoms and thick hooded sweatshirt waiting for the dog to do his business… small patches of fine ice pellets dotted the ground here and there between the grass.  Kenshin peed on one of these patches, instantly disintegrating it into the ground below.

Back inside, coffee was brewing, and the television screen showed lines and lines of cars bottlenecked on the highways traveling at school zone rates for safety, although nary a patch of ice or snow could be seen in sight.

Nhi’s school did delay its opening by two hours, just for kicks, but her droopy face gave away her disappointment that she wouldn’t be staying in her pj’s for the rest of the day.

This is an annual event here in Texas, with our mild winters and population-wide aversion to anything cold coming from the heavens.

Such a simple morning, and yet so beautiful in its own way.  If such a thing were possible, I would imagine that I will miss this time of year when I can no longer be here to enjoy them.

Regardless, whether snow came or not, it doesn’t change the fact that, finally…

Winter. Has. Come.


LtGray2 Separator w Stamp

Please help me in my quest to raise public awareness on how cancer originating from Hepatitis B (the cancer that I have) can be easily prevented.  One simple test can save someone their life. Learn more by visiting my Donation Page.



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