Life with Cancer, Entry#10: Dead Man Talking


My brilliant nephew Carter, who always makes me laugh.

At my sister’s New Year’s Eve party the other week, I had a nausea attack and had to go sit in the restroom.

I was on the floor leaning against the wall with my eyes closed when I heard the sound of footsteps and Carter’s voice, full of concern, asking, “Uncle Nguyen! Are you DEAD??”

With my eyes still closed, I said, “Yes.”

…to which I heard Carter running frantically away yelling, “Uncle Benny! Uncle Benny! Uncle Nguyen says he’s DEAD!!”


Ahh… kids. At least I had a good laugh before puking my guts out again.


LtGray2 Separator w Stamp

Please help me in my quest to raise public awareness on how cancer originating from Hepatitis B (the cancer that I have) can be easily prevented.  One simple test can save someone their life. Learn more by visiting my Donation Page.

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