Life with Cancer, Entry#08: Bad Day


I have good days… I have bad days… and I have really bad days.

Yesterday was one of those really bad days.

The pain was so intense that I couldn’t get out of bed.  I just laid there shivering in cold sweat, praying for it to end.

Mai was at work, Nhi was at school, and so I thought that I would be roughing it out alone… but that was not to be.

Out of the blue, my brother in law, Zak, called and asked if I wanted some company.  My sister was out of town for work, and it was his day off.

Did I take him up on his offer?  HECK YES.

That poor guy came over and helped me with everything from getting water, to keeping me company, to taking the dog outside.

It is these small blessings and gestures of love that we should never take for granted… and there’s no need to wait until someone is fatally ill to do them either.

Do something nice for someone else that’s out of your way today, and every day.  You never know when it may be your turn to need a helping hand.


LtGray2 Separator w Stamp

Please help me in my quest to raise public awareness on how cancer originating from Hepatitis B (the cancer that I have) can be easily prevented.  One simple test can save someone their life. Learn more by visiting my Donation Page.

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