Life with Cancer, Entry#07: Hope


Today, I made a new friend, and her name is Hope.

Hope works for a local Vietnamese television station and stumbled across my blog the other day.

She, too, lost her father to cancer when she was a teenager and so my situation in relation with my own daughter resonated with her when she read my tale.  She reached out to me on social media and here we are, sharing a lunch together for the first time.

God works in mysterious ways sometimes.  One of my goals in starting this blog, aside from helping people keep a positive outlook on life, is to spread the story about how I got cancer.

Most people who get cancer only know that it was bad luck.  I, on the other hand, know exactly how my cancer came to be… and what I could have done to prevent it.

My liver cancer stemmed from a chronic Hepatitis B infection — a disease with no symptoms and doesn’t show up on an annual physical at the doctor’s.

Left unchecked, Hep B will almost certainly turn into cancer given enough time, and that’s exactly what happened.  By the time my tumor ruptured and I felt pain for the first time, it was far too late.

I was born in Vietnam and came to the United States when I was five years old.  I wasn’t vaccinated for Hep B, and we were never told about the dangers of not being vaccinated.  Somewhere along the way, I was infected, and the infection turned to cancer.

It is fortunate that, currently, all children are vaccinated for Hep B in the United States and so the later generation of citizens will not have to go through what I am going through now.

For anyone who wasn’t born in the United States, however, it is critical to be aware and get tested.

If you test negative, you can get vaccinated.  If you test positive, you can get treatment to prevent the disease from turning into cancer.  That’s all it takes, and I only wish that I had known sooner.

I can’t change the past, and there’s no point in crying over it, but I can help to spread the word for others who may not know.

My new friend, Hope, has committed to helping me in this endeavor.  She will talk to her team about doing a piece regarding Hep B and cancer, and I will gladly share my story when the time comes.

My type of cancer is preventable, but only if we know the facts in order to prevent it… and today, God has sent me an angel to help me get the job done.


LtGray2 Separator w Stamp

Please help me in my quest to raise public awareness on how cancer originating from Hepatitis B (the cancer that I have) can be easily prevented.  One simple test can save someone their life. Learn more by visiting my Donation Page.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlotte (York) says:

    A GREAT cause. You’ve educated me and I will do my part, however small, to spread the word.


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