Life with Cancer, Entry#04: The Power of Prayer


What is the power of prayer?

Since I’ve fallen ill, I have been blessed with more people praying for my well being than I can track, with prayers going out to just about every deity in the religious spectrum.

Each person praying for me holds the conviction that their religious God will be the one to save me.

Call me greedy, but I’ll take them all… because to me, the power of prayer is the power of Love.

I couldn’t tell you who’s right or who’s wrong, but I do know that each time we pray, we send out to the universe a little bit of hope and a little bit of love… and maybe, just maybe… all that love, and all that hope… can come together to make a miracle.

There are times when our own fate lies beyond our own power of control.  It is these times when we just have to BELIEVE.


LtGray2 Separator w Stamp

Please help me in my quest to raise public awareness on how cancer originating from Hepatitis B (the cancer that I have) can be easily prevented.  One simple test can save someone their life. Learn more by visiting my Donation Page.

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